What We Offer?

We have a lot of different services for you, check them out!

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Commercial/Janitorial Cleaning

We encompass all phases of commercial cleaning, from the pressure washing the exterior of the building, all the way to the inside offices, restrooms, common areas such as the hallways, stairs, and elevators.

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Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning encompasses the debris and dust that is left behind after the construction phase is finished. We prepare the area for the incoming tenants or owners and we take care of floor cleaning and preparation, dust and debris removal, window cleaning and everything in between so the area looks clean and pristine.

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All Types of Floor Cleaning

We take care of vinyl floors, wood floors, terrazzo floors, limestone floors, tile floors, carpet floors, marble floors, etc

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Water Intrusion Clean-up

We take care of any type of water leak and we measure humidity in walls and the areas affected. We also make sure that the area is dried appropriately, so it does not develop mold or mildew

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Carpet Cleaning

We clean all types of carpets and rugs and remove most stains

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Fresher Cleaning

We use green products and natural products when available to do the job correctly and use environmentally safe chemicals

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Window Cleaning

We clean windows so they are sparkling and transparent. We also remove glue, stickers and even cement from windows, with our post construction cleaning

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Upholstery and Fabric Care

Why replace your upholstered furniture? We save you money by cleaning and disinfecting the upholstery and protecting the fabric.

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Marble Cleaning/Restoration

We clean all types of marble and restore the beautiful luster, while setting up a maintenance schedule so you can always have it looking it’s best.

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